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Decorating My Whole New House With Paintings.

I just came across some of the first before pictures I took of the house and thought they would be fun to share.  Since the buying and painting process happened during Chris’ busy season I took care of the painting at night after I got home.  I was lucky and got to paint an empty house since we still had our apartment…not so lucky that we had to double up on rent and mortgage for a month or two.  Oh well, we’re homeowners now.

I ended up getting a primer on part/most of some walls before I remembered to take a picture.  Blame the excitement of first time home ownership!



Master Bedroom –  previous owners had their kiddos sharing this room, hence the ORANGE (it’s so “in yo face” that it calls for all CAPS).  This room is huge, at least to us, and as a sweet little bonus – two light switches to control the recessed lights…one right by what is now my side of the bed!

Master Bathroom – I love this room!  Why you ask, because, while I think it’s safe to say that our humble abode is of modest size,  Like bigger than my 1st dorm room luxury.  I honestly didn’t think we would be this lucky with the master bath in our first place – score!

Upstairs Landing/Closet – This is another room I’m pretty gosh darn thrilled about.  You guessed it, it eventually got turned into a closet area for me.  I usually try to stay away from “girly” decor/ colours but I’ve even been debating pink lately.  The inner lover of grey in me just threw up a bit in her mouth at that last statement but it could really happen…just probably not the wall colour. Check out these best carpet cleaner for pets in case of your dog ruin it

Living Room – I consider this room our pride and joy currently.  Before moving in we agreed that we wanted to get one room uber comfy as fast as possible and more importantly, done right.  This room won with a new couch, new rug, new curtains, and an oar.

Dining Room – This room has probably been the most neglected since we moved in (until recently).  To be honest, we have yet to have a meal in there, mainly due to a lack of chairs.  We even had Zeke’s crate in there for the first 6 months or so…eye sore.



Guest Bedroom – Formerly known as the master bedroom to the previous owners is awesome.  Here are some guest room ideas,  It’s a great size and actually has two (small) closets.  We currently use one as a coat closet since our home doesn’t have one designated as such. Two walls were also painted the same burnt orange as the office.

Kitchen – This is another pretty small space.  The flip side, it’s still the largest kitchen either of us has had.  We have some pretty big dreams of a gut job that includes another wall coming down but that’s a few years away still.

Has anyone had any experiences with fun paint colours left behind by previous owners?  What drew/sold you on your home?

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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