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Month: October 2018

It Is Easy To Make Your Toddler Feed 10 Times With These 10 Ways!

The book was being written name pretty simple cooking, when we were only two in the family, and then a giant surprise came into a path, our son Larson, which were adopted from birth. And he is the one, who has completed our family.

Before Larson came into our lives, a blog called A couple cooks was continued by us. A blog was only about making and eating healthy food, and vegetable oriented by helping each other as a couple. Then we decided to make our son a part of cooking meals and having them. And it became a routine for all three of us. As he has turned one, it has become quite easier to make him a part of our most loveable thing, i.e.; food. Below mentioned are 10 easy strategies for toddler feeding those are being used in our house:



  1. Starting a day with a real food: Breakfast is said to be the easiest thing to do when it comes to cooking. You can use organic yogurt with low sugar, peanut butter and, whole grain bread, fruits, eggs, and homemade oatmeal.
  2. Making a food simple to eat: Normally, toddler loves to eat the food which they can hold, like whole green beans, roasted carrots, strips of red pepper, pieces of whole grain, bananas, bread, etc.
  3. Making dinners which can be enjoyed by the whole family: You must cook for the whole family and not just for the toddler. Usually, Smoky lentil stew is the biggest hit at our home.
  4. Seasoning of your taste is important: Normally, toddlers are interested in eating food from our dishes, rather than their own, so we make his dish a normal one, and not the typical “kid food”. And then you can show that how much you love that food as well. Then a toddler can turn to eat adult food slowly.
  5. Sweet treats must be all natural: Try to make the sweet treats from natural sweet ingredients. Our favorite one is frozen yogurt where there is the filling of natural strawberry yogurt pie and freezes them. On freezing keep them in a sealed container in a freezer. And give it to a toddler at the end of the meal.
  6. Smoothies are the hit: Smoothies are the best way to load nutrients to the kids, as long as they are not too sweet or bitter in taste.
  7. Eggs: If a toddler does not wish to have anything that you eat then scrambled eggs is the best solution for it. Whipping can be done.
  8. Choose homemade versions for kids: Our son’s favorite food is fries. We opt for homemade oven fries, rather than going for a restaurant or frozen fries. Potatoes hand cut with olive oil and bake them in the oven until crisp. As kids might be unaware of germy table tops so use disposable mats.
  9. Adding flair: You can make star toasts. Food with different shapes to attract kids and also to adults as well.
  10. Have patience and faith: A book called French kids eats everything says; kids should eat the same food at least seven times, rather more than that. Rather than thinking of a toddler doesn’t like this food, think that he has tried it several times now. And try to eat food together, and it doesn’t work out for the decided dinner then try again for the next day. We both think that it is the best to cook a meal and have it together which is the best solution to introduce our toddler to adult food. For that, we avoid cooking for him separately. Do not forget that letting your kid to use appropriate best flatware by their own will improve their appetite & brain’s fine motor skills.


Smoky Red Lentil Stew (for 3-4 persons):


2 large carrots, 1 yellow onion, 2 stalks celery, 3 garlic cloves, 3 tablespoon olive oil, 1 tablespoon vinegar, 2 spoons paprika, ¼ teaspoon cumin, 1/8 cayenne, 1 ¼ cup red lentils, 1 quart vegetable broth, ¾ kosher salt, freshly ground black pepper 2 spoons lemon juice Plain Greek yogurt for garnishing.